Dance for Charlotte RAISED £2300



We are overwhelmed by the wonderful turnout of people to our dance on Saturday 23rd September.

MONEY was raised from sales of cakes, tea, coffee, guess the weight of the cake and guess the name of the Teddy and our Donation box.

A Total of £1395.20 was raised during the afternoon and we had two accounts which are built up nicely. We are still waiting for the money from them to be sent to us.

We could not imagine the amount of pupils, families of pupils and the local community whom popped in to buy a ticket or to donate it was a sight for sore eyes. FUN was had by all.  Whether you came to dance or to be part of the afternoon it was an over whelming experience.

Sarah, Charlottes mother was there along with Charlottes sister Bethany and their grandparents.

15-year-old Charlotte one of our pupils is living with the effects of a Brain Tumour. We wanted Charlotte and her family to know we care.  A week after taking a dancing exam and after a year of feeling tired Charlotte was diagnosed with the Tumour and after having it removed is now receiving Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and Blood Tranfusions.  Her lack of sight, speech and movements are obvious signs of the effects of the Tumour and we really wanted to help Charlotte during this difficult time.

Charlotte could not make the event as she was at the hospital receiving more Chemotherapy. This young lady never asks for anything and we are looking forward to seeing what she decides to put our money towards.   We know that this money can only be a plus for the struggles that this family has had to face since February 2017.

The Family of Keep Dancing really are special.   Charlotte is hoping to have her bedroom decorated but at the moment she spends alot of time back and fourth to the Hospital as she gets quite ill with the chemotherapy.

Big hugs to Charlotte and thankyou from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who supported this day.

Suzanne and Julie

updated 17th November 2017